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Friday, January 13, 2012

Nathan Fillion Invades The Set Of Community!

I think Community just got better, having all those special guests over the years has probably been the best thing about the show. Now, it has got even better as Nathan Fillion(Castle) appears on a photo in the set of the show!

Well this photo was posted by Fillion on his twitter tonight, during a tweet-exchange he was having with Community‘s star Alison Brie. The actor posted the photo along with, “I'm officially in love with all the girls on #Community. Even @kenjeong. Especially @kenjeong.”

Alison Brie herself then tweeted back to him a while after, “Yay! Come visit more often!.” I think that it may suggest that he was just dropping by the set being himself really. Or maybe not as he responded with, “@alisonbrie: @NathanFillion Yay! Come visit more often!” I'll be right back. Gotta learn a 5 page scene.”

I think we could expect a guest appearance by Fillion on the show in the future. Who Knows? Maybe he was just dropping there and he was kind enough to share this moment with us. Well, Community has still to return, as NBC brought their comedies back this Thursday. It would be good having Fillion on the show at some point, that probably could be what the show needs to get their ratings high again.

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